Guest Speaker – Dan Juster : Discovering your identity in the body of Messiah

Profile-DanShabbat, November 29, 2014

Dr. Daniel Juster is a pioneer of Messianic Judaism and shaliach of Tikkun Ministries ( in America and Israel (he and his wife Patty now live just outside Jerusalem and serve as leaders at Ahavat Yeshua congregation in the city). Dan is the author of Jewish Roots, Growing To Maturity, Passion for Israel, and many other inspiring books, spoke about discovering your Identity in the body of Messiah. His message about covenant community included a personal testimony about his experiences with communities and covenant relationships that have lasted a life time and produced enduring fruit for the Kingdom of God. Listen to our audio podcast (above) and pray for Dan and his ministry together with Beit Simcha and our network of congregations in America and Israel.

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